Product placement is a division of Major Events Media, where we assist brands in creating presence in movies and TV series.


On the other hand we help film makers, directors, producers to finance part of their project through product placement.



What Is Product Placement?


Product placement is a form of advertising in which brands are featured in a production that targets a large audience. For examples in the media, think of movies you’ve seen. If the lead actor is drinking a clearly labeled Coca-Cola beverage or using a clearly labeled Samsung cell phone, then this is product placement.



What we offer



Screen placement 

uses a product in the foreground or background of a shot. The product is not mentioned by name, but does garner some decent …




script placement

Script placement literally puts a product in the script, where a character in the film will mention the product by name




Plot placement

This kind of integration of a brand or product into a significant and engaging role in a storyline is what we call plot placement.



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