APRIL 15- 21, 2024


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Design Society was created with the aim of transforming Milan's Piazza del Cannone into an emblematic place that reflects the harmonious fusion of design, history and sustainability, making design and innovation accessible to all through interactive exhibits and installations art,

In addition to Exhibitions, the project includes collaborations with Artists, Designers and Innovators to promote creativity and sustainability. Events, conferences and initiatives interactive aim to engage the community and inspire a new generation of creative and conscious thinkers.

Society is a project that will offer a rich program of events, lectures,interactive workshops and artistic performances. To engage the design week community


A seven-day journey through the beauty, knowledge and celebration of design.

Day 1: The Grand Opening Afternoon: Opening ceremony with opening speeches. Evening: Cocktail reception, artistic performances and live performances.

Day 2: Innovation and Sustainability. Morning: Lectures on sustainable design and innovative technologies. Afternoon: Hands-on workshops on environmentally friendly materials and circular design. Evening: Art performances and live performances.

Day 3: Italian Creativity in the Spotlight Morning: Guided tours of installations, meetings with prominent designers. Afternoon: Conversations with world-renowned Italian designers. Evening: Art performances and live performances.
Day 4: Interactive Experiences Morning: Interactive installations workshops and performances. Afternoon: Open spaces for public participation in creative projects. Evening: Art performances and live performances.

Day 5: Focus on New Trends Morning: Presentations of new trends in global design. Afternoon: Presentations and talks by emerging designers. Evening: Art performances and live performances.

Day 6: Connecting with the Community Morning: Educational initiatives for students and young designers. Afternoon: Community engagement projects in Sempione Park. Evening: Art performances and live performances.

Day 7: Closing in Beauty Morning: Presentation of results of collaborative projects. Afternoon: Guided tour to recap installations and initiatives. Evening: Closing cocktail reception, artistic performances and live performances.


Fuorisalone, also known as Milan Design Week, is a major event in the design industry that takes place alongside the Salone del Mobile, the international furniture and design fair held in Milan each year. The impact of fuorisalone on the city of Milan is significant and wide-ranging:

1. Economic Impact: Fuorisalone attracts designers, artists, creatives, and design enthusiasts from around the world, leading to a boost in tourism and economic activity in Milan. Many local businesses, such as restaurants, hotels, and shops, benefit from the increased foot traffic during the event.

2. Cultural Impact: Fuorisalone showcases the latest trends and innovations in design, contributing to Milan's reputation as a leading global design hub. The event promotes cultural exchange, creativity, and collaboration among designers and attendees.
3. Social Impact: Fuorisalone offers a platform for emerging designers and established brands to present their work, network, and engage with the public. It also provides opportunities for people to attend exhibitions, installations, workshops, and events that promote design education and awareness.

4. Environmental Impact: As sustainability becomes increasingly important in the design industry, many exhibitors and organizers at fuorisalone focus on eco-friendly practices and materials, promoting sustainable design solutions and initiatives.

Overall, the impact of fuorisalone on the city of Milan is multifaceted, contributing to its global profile as a design capital, stimulating its local economy, and fostering creativity, innovation, and cultural exchange.

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EVENT : Milan Design Week - Fuorsalonel
EVENT DATES :    Apr 15– Apr 21  2024 
SCREEN LOCATION:  Piazza Del Cannone, Milan
SCREEN OPERATION TIMES:  12 hours per day x 7 days
PACKAGE: 15 Sec spot rotation every 3 minutes, OR every 6 minutes