Outdoor public expo raises awareness in a creative way through world-known illustrators highlighting the issue of Climate Change


Exact date and location to be confirmed

Major Events Media is proud to present its first edition of Illu Expo in collaboration with Illozoo agency.

Our outdoor show will take place in city centers, free to the public, featuring an international panorama of illustrators in a very large format, so that the general public can enjoy contemporary and unique art in a very creative and visual way, thus transforming the public domain into a veritable open-air art gallery!


All illustrations will be related to a specific theme, which is Climate Change, a cause that is the concern of everyone around the world these days.

Since Climate Change is an existential threat to our global civilization, this is a very creative way to raise awareness of this important subject, and the people best suited to help us do that and touch the general public, are artists. Art allows people to connect more directly with emotional and personal aspects of Climate Change.

” It’s a message that stands out “

The Expo has the originality of being installed outdoors in the public domain, in order to offer everyone a wider and immediate access to illustration art, creating emotional connections and experiences by highlighting the issue of Climate Change, and engaging young people and adults with new perspectives on this issue.

The ambition of the EXPO is to display the accessibility between education and art, that’s why our Expo will make the illustrations available for sale to the public.



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